Road Lighting
Eliminating obtrusive light
As limiting obtrusive light becomes commonplace in exteriors, many users find they are having problems meeting regional standards with their traditional choice of lantern. This was the problem suffered by the highway authority of Friuli in northeastern Italy.

When Paolo Blarasin, the Electric and Lighting Planner, decided to relight the roads, he wanted a scheme that would not only control obtrusive light, but would meet spacing to height ratios of 3.7:1. The scheme he finally selected was designed around the Oracle flat glass lantern using 150W HID lamps.

“The Oracle’s light distribution of 0 cd above 90° allowed us to fully comply with the standards and totally avoid obtrusive light,” remarked Blarasin, “the columns have a spacing of 37m while the Oracle’s are mounted at 10m”.

Furthermore the project saved on installation costs (less luminaires) and energy comsumption.